Welcome to Energy Post

As energy is a crucially important and uniquely complex topic, all actors in the energy sector – whether policymakers, market players or other stakeholders – are in need of reliable information, original analysis and stimulating debate. Energy Post seeks to fill this need.

It seeks to report on the European and international energy sector from a truly integrated perspective, i.e. telling the real stories behind the headlines and making clear the crucial links that exist between events, actions, people and ideas. In addition, Energy Post will provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and ways for policymakers, market players, analysts and observers to connect with each other in various settings.

Energy Post is a fully independent private venture founded in 2013 by Karel Beckman, winner of the 2010 Award for Excellence in Journalism from the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), with the support of Energy Post’s Brussels-based correspondent Sonja van Renssen. In 2014, Karel was joined by Matthew James (ex Mail on Sunday marketing manager) and together they formed Energy Post Productions B.V. in January 2016.

We are not supported by companies or governments and do not work for any special interests. Among ourselves, we have different views on various subjects, but we do agree that fairness, sustainability and transparency are important values that we want to promote. We are open to all viewpoints as long as they are backed up with reasonable arguments and authors are fully transparent about their interests and affiliations. Our mission is to report fairly and freely: we believe energy is too important a subject to be left to special interests.

Energy Post’s website and weekly newsletter are free of charge as is The Energy Collective which we acquired in 2016. We support our venture financially by offering advertising space, partnership packages, organising and supporting events, producing special reports and products (including interactive online platforms), and providing strategic and communications advice.

In 2016 we launched Energy Post Weekly – a premium service featuring two substantial new weekly columns; Energy Watch by Karel Beckman and Brussels Insider by Sonja van Renssen.

Information for freelance journalists and correspondents

We welcome inquiries from freelance journalists and correspondents. We are looking in particular for experienced, investigative journalists specialised in the energy sector. We are not primarily a news-based website – we specialise in features, interviews and background articles.

Please send inquiries to the editor-in-chief Karel Beckman, karel.beckman@energypost.eu.

See below in the section “Information for authors” for more information on the type of stories we are looking for.

Information for trainees in research and journalism

We are very much interested in working with trainees in energy research and journalism. We will have opportunities for research trainees to assist us in developing new content databases. We would also like to work with journalism trainees who are interested in investigative journalism or in learning how to develop online media startups such as ours. Please send inquiries to editor-in-chief karel.beckman@energypost.eu.

Information for authors

We welcome contributions from analysts and other energy professionals as well as specialised energy journalists. We would kindly like to request you to keep to the following guidelines:

  • What are we looking for are new insights or interesting opinions about current energy events. Ask yourself why readers should want to read your article: what is the added value you are offering they cannot find anywhere else.
  • Use reasonable arguments, verifiable sources and refrain from ad hominem attacks. Provide internet links where relevant.
  • Please start with an introduction of about 100 words that sums up the main point or main argument of your article and include a suggestion for a title.
  • Attach a brief biography of yourself, including any relevant affiliations.
  • Preferred length is between 1,000 and 2,500 words, preferred style non-technical, non-academic.
  • Copyrights remain with the author(s), who will grant Energy Post the right to publish their submission on the Energy Post website and in the newsletter.

Energy Post reserves the right to refrain from publishing submissions if the editor decides they do not conform to our requirements.Inquiries: Karel Beckman, karel.beckman@energypost.eu.

Information for partners/advertisers

The Energy Post website and newsletter were launched on 3 June 2013. In 2014 we had 280,000 uniqe visitors. Our goal is to be the top-of-mind publication for strategists and decision-makers in the European energy sector.

We offer a broad range of commercial options for those who want to tap into our audience and strengthen their profile:

  • Ads and banners (including targeted ads) on website and newsletter at low starting rates that will vary with number of subscribers/visitors
  • Promotion of events
  • Event support with ads, banners, mailings and content
  • Targeted mailings
  • Promotion of special reports and other content
  • Promotion of interactive online formats
  • Brand and image campaigns
  • Tailor-made partnership packages with a mixture of services

With the help of our unique journalistic expertise and network, we are also able to offer organisations assistance in various ways with their communication and strategic needs, for example with:

  • Development and production of events (workshops, conferences, masterclasses)
  • Moderation of events
  • Production of conference presentations
  • Speech-writing
  • Writing and production of reports, brochures, etc.
  • Development and production of webinars, films and video-interviews (in cooperation with our partners at Vieuws)
  • Strategic advice
  • Communications advice and services

Note that it is our policy never to mix commercial with editorial interests and practise full transparency in all our commercial and journalistic activities.

Media pack available on request.

Please send inquiries to our Business Manager Matthew James, matthew.james@energypost.eu.

General Inquiries

Karel Beckman
Phone +31-6-3619.3347

Sonja van Renssen, Brussels Desk

Registered under “Energy Post” at Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, no. 57915954