How not to squander $130 trillion – a proposal to put carbon money in wealth funds

carbon pricing (photo The New Economy Magazine)

The proceeds from carbon pricing should be used to establish wealth funds from which current and future citizens can benefit, proposes energy and climate change economist Adam Whitmore. As all people have equal rights to the atmosphere, all should benefit from the use of this unique resource. … [Read more...]

Can emissions trading produce adequate carbon prices? That’s the question

Emission trading: not taking off

Prices under emissions trading schemes have been low, unlike some carbon taxes. This undermines confidence in this key climate instrument, writes energy and climate change economist Adam Whitmore. The EU should take the lead in demonstrating that emissions trading can work, or climate change efforts will suffer. … [Read more...]

A carbon pricing scheme that works

Ferrybridge C Power Station in West Yorkshire closed in March 2016

The UK’s carbon price floor mechanism has proved very effective at securing cost-effective emissions reductions, writes energy and climate change economist Adam Whitmore. It offers lessons for other carbon pricing schemes, such as the EU Emission Trading System. … [Read more...]

How fast could the market for electric vehicles grow?

electric car charger (photo Karlis Dambrans)

Various policy driven scenarios show electric vehicles (EVs) gaining market share over the next few decades but the question is by how much. According to Adam Whitmore, independent energy advisor, there are reasons to assume that annual sales of EVs will account for 7-22% of the vehicle stock by 2030. By 2050 they will account for a majority of light vehicles on the road. … [Read more...]

BP’s view of electric cars looks unrealistic

BMW i3 electric car (photo Kārlis Dambrāns)

BP’s latest long term outlook for the energy sector looks particularly unrealistic in its projection of a “most likely” case of almost no uptake of electric vehicles by 2035, writes independent energy expert Adam Whitmore. According to Whitmore, even very moderate assumptions lead to substantially higher growth rates for EVs.  … [Read more...]

A new framework for climate policy: why carbon pricing is not enough

photo Newtown grafitti

It is often argued, especially by representatives from the energy sector, that climate change policy should be based exclusively on carbon pricing. In the EU this means: on the EU Emission Trading Scheme. However, a new book by Professor Michael Grubb convincingly shows why such a policy approach is misguided. We also need policies on energy efficiency and renewables as well as policies that drive system change. … [Read more...]

IEA’s projections for renewables continue to look way too low

Solar panels on Palm Desert Walmart (photo Walmart)

The IEA’s projections for wind and solar capacity look much too low, continuing a history of vastly underestimating renewables growth.  Their projections are not a reliable basis for projecting the world’s future power generation mix, argues energy expert Adam Whitmore on his blog On Climate Change Policy.  … [Read more...]