Why sharing solar is the next big thing in energy

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The disruption and the opportunities being offered by solar PV and battery storage are likely to be accelerated massively by the introduction of new software such as the “blockchain” system that has already taken root in financial systems, writes Giles Parkinson of the leading Australian energy website Reneweconomy. Courtesy: Reneweconomy.com. … [Read more...]

Barclays: Germany’s coal generation may be worthless by 2030

Weisweiler lignite power station Germany in 2008 (photo Neuwleser)

Reneweconomy.com The 46,000MW of black and brown coal fired generation currently in service in Germany will be worthless in little more than a decade if the country adopts the targets embraced at the Paris climate change conference, a new analysis from Barclays says. … [Read more...]

German grid operator can handle 70% wind, solar before storage needed

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Reneweconomy.com The company responsible for more than one-third of Germany’s electricity grid says there is no issue absorbing high levels of variable renewable energy such as wind and solar, and grids could absorb up to 70 per cent penetration without the need for storage, writes Giles Parkinson of Reneweconomy.com. … [Read more...]

Stanford: world can go 100% wind, water, sun by 2050 – and save money

Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon Visits Shams Solar Power Plant, Abu Dhabi (photo United Nations)

Reneweconomy.com A new analysis from Stanford University has laid out a roadmap for 139 countries to power their economies with solar, wind, and hydro energy by 2050. It says the world can reach 80 per cent WWS (wind, water and sunlight) by 2030 and 100 per cent by 2050 with no impact on economic growth. … [Read more...]

Solar energy costs continue to plunge across the world

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, Nevada photo Matt Hintsa (2014)

(Reneweconomy) Two stunning auction results in India and Chile in the last week have underscored the extraordinary gains that large-scale solar has made against its fossil fuel competitors, writes Giles Parkinson of Reneweconomy.com. Parkinson takes stock of the latest developments in prices for unsubsidised solar energy, based on auctions across the world and comes to pretty spectacular findings. … [Read more...]

$1 trillion solar, wind finance vehicle to outstrip oil and gas investment

Wall Street (photo Ivo Jansch)

A new report from Deutsche Bank predicts that the Yieldco, a finance vehicle for renewable energy, will attract more money than similar instruments that exist for oil and gas investments. Giles Parkinson of the Australian website Reneweconomy has the story. Energy Post highlighted recently why the YieldCo is likely to become a gamechanger in the energy sector.  … [Read more...]

UBS: closures coal and gas fired power plants in Europe accelerating

RWE's Neurath power station (photo fb.foto)

The influx of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into energy markets is forcing coal and gas fired generation out of the market even quicker than most analysts expected, according to a new market report from investment bank UBS. According to UBS, policymakers may have to take measures to prevent widespread bankruptcies in the European electricity market, writes Giles Parkinson of Reneweconomy.com.au. … [Read more...]