Vietnam’s amazing nuclear journey – why it ended, what it means for South East Asia

Ninh Thuan 1 the nuclear power plant that was never built

On November 22, Vietnam took the historic decision to scrap its nuclear power program, after many decades of nuclear preparations, up to a ground-breaking ceremony at the first proposed nuclear site in the country in 2014. Jim Green, editor of Nuclear Monitor, published by WISE (World Information Service on Energy), tells the amazing story of nuclear power in Vietnam – and discusses what the Vietnamese decision means for the prospects of nuclear … [Read more...]

The slow death of fast reactors

Monju fast breeder reactor in Japan (photo IAEA 2007 )

Generation IV 'fast breeder' reactors have long been promoted by nuclear enthusiasts, writes Jim Green, editor of Nuclear Monitor, but Japan's decision in September to abandon the Monju fast reactor is another nail in the coffin for this failed technology. According to Green, fast reactors aren’t becoming mainstream, despite the claims of nuclear lobbyists. … [Read more...]