Donald Trump’s China First, Russia Second, America Third foreign policy

Chinese President Xi Jinping at Davos photo World Economic Forum

By letting his foreign policy be governed by a simplistic “America First” principle, Donald Trump is achieving the exact opposite of what he intends. His way of putting America First, is enabling China and Russia to position themselves as the paramount nations on the world stage, writes energy and foreign policy specialist Michael Klare. Courtesy of Tomdispatch. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s carbon-obsessed energy policy and the planetary nightmare to come 

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin

Despite apparent contradictions, the main thrust of Donald Trump’s energy policy approach is very clear, writes author and energy expert Michael Klare: he aims to abolish all regulations that stand in the way of unrestrained fossil fuel extraction. Even if this spells doom for segments of the fossil fuel industry that will get hurt by low prices – not to mention the planet. Courtesy … [Read more...]

Will Trumpism, Brexit, and geopolitical exceptionalism sink the planet? 

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber Climate Change Envoy of the UAE (photo UN)

The future pace of climate change will be determined as much by geopolitical factors as by technological developments in the energy sector, writes energy expert and author Michael T. Klare. While immense progress is being made in bringing down the price of wind and solar power, the political will to turn such developments into meaningful global change may be diminishing. Article courtesy of … [Read more...]

Hooked!  Our addiction to fossil fuels must be fought in the way we tackled smoking and drugs 

lucky strike warning

Analysts such as those from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) see no signs of a determined move away from fossil fuels, writes energy expert and author Michael Klare. According to Klare, success in any global drive to avert climate catastrophe will involve tackling addictive behavior at its roots and promoting lasting changes in lifestyle.  To do that, it will be necessary to learn from the anti-drug and anti-tobacco communities about … [Read more...]

With a busted business model, oil economies head for the unknown

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro in better days (photo Globovision 2011)

Until recently, petro-states like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia were able to use their wealth to spread their influence abroad, writes author Michael T. Klare, professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College in the US. Now with their business model busted, he wonders what will come next: will they cling to reliance on fossil fuels and descend into chaos, or follow a path that will speed up the conclusion of the fossil fuel … [Read more...]

Debacle at Doha  – the collapse of the old Oil Order 

energy ministers meet at Doha April 17

The failure of the world’s biggest oil producers to agree on an output freeze at their recent meeting in Doha, Qatar, was more than a geopolitical incident, writes energy author Michael T. Klare. The Doha debacle shows that the world of ever-increasing oil demand that we have come to known over the last decades is no more. From now on, suppliers will fight each other for ever diminishing market shares. Courtesy of TomDispatch. … [Read more...]

The oil pricequake will doom the global political order

Saudi Arabia got Fossil of the Year Award in Paris 12-12-2015 (photo Takver)

Given the centrality of oil and oil revenues in the global power equation, it is inevitable that depressed oil prices will doom the current global political order, writes Michael T. Klare, a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College. Political turmoil is already raging across the oil heartlands of the planet – and the tremors from the oil pricequake have yet to reach their full magnitude, notes Klare. … [Read more...]