Exclusive interview/ sneak preview: energy transition architect Claude Turmes tells inside story of EU energy policy

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Green MEP Claude Turmes has led some of Europe’s key energy and climate policy reforms since 2000. Now for the first time in a book, which will be launched in Brussels on 1 March, he explains how and why Brussels has pioneered - and obstructed - the energy transition in Europe. In an exclusive interview and sneak preview with Energy Post, Turmes gives an insider account of dreams, lobbies, and political, economic and social realities. This book … [Read more...]

Exclusive – Klaus Shäfer, CEO Uniper: “Security of supply is too important to leave to the market”

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The market on its own cannot be relied upon to deliver secure electricity and gas supplies, says Klaus Schäfer, CEO of Eon-spin-off Uniper, in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. According to Schäfer, it will become “dramatically more difficult” to balance the power market as the share of renewables increases. He also sees the gas market becoming “more and more complex” and argues policymakers should establish minimum requirements for gas … [Read more...]

Stephane Quere, Innovation Director Engie: “Hydrogen is a big topic for us”

Engie first CSP project in South Africa

Hydrogen, which can be used to store energy, produce electricity and fuel vehicles, is one of the innovation priorities for French energy giant Engie (€70 billion revenue). This is a company that prides itself on its diversity however, explains Stephane Quere, Innovation Director at Engie, with activities stretching from Europe to Africa and Asia, and businesses from gas distribution to security systems. Some of the main priorities for Engie are … [Read more...]

Lumenaza creates regional electricity markets: “We want to connect up all 1.4 million solar PV producers in Germany with consumers locally”

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A new software platform in Germany lets utilities buy and sell “regional electricity” by connecting up small producers with consumers. Start-up Lumenaza, founded three years ago, meets a growing demand for transparency, explains CEO and founder Christian Chudoba in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. Unlike a typical virtual power plant, Lumenaza targets tiny producers such as owners of rooftop solar. Its goal is to connect up all of … [Read more...]

Peter Carlsson, business angel (ex-Tesla): “Battery breakthrough 5-8 years away”

Peter Carlsson

Europe is behind the US and Asia in battery development, but it can catch up if it sets aggressive goals and tough standards, says  California-based entrepreneur and investor Peter Carlsson. After leaving Tesla Motors last year, the supply chain expert is helping a host of cleantech start-ups profit from the energy transition. Within 5-8 years, batteries will break through big-time, he predicts. Grid storage will be done in stationary batteries … [Read more...]

Marie Fossum Strannegård, VP Energy Ericsson: “Future of smart metering depends on regulatory framework”

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Utilities are moving into a world where they have to handle lots of data real time, very similar to what the telecoms sector went through, says Marie Fossum Strannegård, who is in charge of the energy business at Ericsson, in an interview with Energy Post. The Swedish telecommunications giant is a new player in energy, focusing – for now – on smart metering services. According to Fossum Strannegård the future of smart metering depends heavily on … [Read more...]

Interview Maroš Šefčovič, VP Energy Union: “I made the promise 2016 would be year of delivery and I intend to keep it”

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“If we want a cost-effective transition to a low-carbon economy, we have to create an internal energy market where European rules apply”, says Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission’s Vice President for the Energy Union, in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. According to Šefčovič, “big parts of our energy market are [still] overregulated”. To take a decisive leap towards the Energy Union, the Commission has decided to put all its energy … [Read more...]