Vieuws Video: EU far from meeting Paris climate goals

Sonja van Renssen, energy and environment journalist, is joined by Tom van Ierland, Deputy and Acting Head of Unit C1. Strategy and Economic Assessment DG Climate Action, Jonathan Gaventa, Director, Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) and EirikWærness, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Statoil to debate the question: “Did Paris deliver the low-carbon investment signal Europe needs?”.  This highlight video presents the core … [Read more...]

viEUws video: Brussels Briefing on Energy for February 2016

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Energy, journalist Hughes Belin introduces the European Commission's "winter package" on energy security. This is the first real test of the European Energy Union. He describes two sensitive legislative proposals to give the Commission more scrutiny powers over intergovernmental agreements on energy and to improve gas security of supply through more reverse flows, a regional approach and a new solidarity … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Top 5 EU energy priorities for next 6 months

In this special briefing, energy journalist Hughes Belin picks out the top 5 energy issues that will be discussed by the European institutions in the next six months, under the Dutch EU Presidency. 1. Gas supply: In February, the Commission is due to launch a review of the regulation on security of gas supply and of its sister regulation on security of electricity supply. The Commission will also review the EU’s information exchange mechanism … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Top 5 environment priorities for Dutch EU presidency

Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the Top 5 Environment priorities for the Dutch EU Presidency: 1. COP21 follow-up: The “Energy Union, climate and transport” is one of the Dutch presidency’s five strategic priorities overall. 2. Circular economy: The Netherlands hopes to agree conclusions with other Member States on a non-legislative action plan to make more efficient use of resources and to kick off debate on new legal definitions … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Brussels Briefing on Energy for December 2015

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Brussels correspondent Hughes Belin reports on the EU's first ever State of the Energy Union report, with details on achievements to date and legislative proposals to come in 2016. He notes the many challenges the internal energy market still faces, notably from national capacity markets. The European Commission has fleshed out its thinking on a new governance system for energy, including obligations for Member States. EU Energy Ministers … [Read more...]

viEUws Brussels Briefing on Energy: all you need to know for October/November

Hughes Belin gives details on what to expect in the first State of the Energy Union report due from European Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, on 18 November. In the meantime, he reports on the official signing off of a new gas interconnector between Lithuania and Poland, and looks ahead to an EU LNG strategy due next year. A public consultation on redesigning the European electricity market has closed and legislation on the back of … [Read more...]