carbon trading

A carbon pricing scheme that works

Ferrybridge C Power Station in West Yorkshire closed in March 2016

The UK’s carbon price floor mechanism has proved very effective at securing cost-effective emissions reductions, writes energy and climate change economist Adam Whitmore. It offers lessons for other carbon pricing schemes, such as the EU Emission Trading System. … [Read more...]

Europe should look at consumption of renewables not just production

hydropower plant Norway (photo Statkraft)

European consumers actively chose to buy more than 550TWh of renewable electricity last year, 20% of all electricity consumption. Yet EU member states are not required to report on consumption of renewables, only  production. This gives a false picture of what is happening in the market, say business representatives involved in purchasing and producing green electricity. Dual reporting - of consumption and production - would show that some … [Read more...]

Climate change becomes prime investment driver


BlackRock, the world’s largest private investment fund, has announced that it will include climate change as an important factor in how it assigns risks to its investment portfolio, writes Fereidoon Sionshansi, president of Menlo Energy Economics and publisher of the newsletter EEnergy Informer. According to Sionshansi, this decision has huge implications for the energy sector. … [Read more...]

Brexit: an opportunity to rethink UK carbon pricing

(photo Kedara)

The UK’s exit from the European Union will make changes to UK carbon pricing unavoidable. Steven Sorrell,Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Sussex and member of the Sussex Energy Group (SEG), discusses the options and argues that a broad-based domestic carbon tax could be the best way forward for UK climate policy. … [Read more...]

How Paris will change global emissions accounting

opening of Paris climate conference 30 Nov 2015 (photo UN)

The Paris Agreement will lead to important changes in the way greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for and how they could be traded internationally. David Hone, Chief Climate Change Advisor with Royal Dutch Shell, looks at the implications of the Paris Agreement and concludes that it will probably lead to a more robust and enduring carbon market. … [Read more...]

Interview Professor Han Wenke: “China’s energy sector is opening up”

solar powered electric vehicle in Anyang China March 2015

Less coal. Less bureaucracy. More renewables. More market. Those are four key elements in the “new balance” China is seeking in its energy sector, after years of huge growth in fossil fuel consumption. Professor Han Wenke, Director-General of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China’s largest ministry, explains the ramifications of the new Five-Year Plan for the energy sector in an interview … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency in the UK: why are we walking away from it?

loft insulation photo Mike Carter-slider

For the first time in more than two decades, the UK has no energy efficiency programme for the bulk of the market, write Jan Rosenow and Richard Cowart of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). The authors note that the pace of reduction in energy demand is already slowing down and this will only get worse in the coming years. They call on the UK government tot take action: the market won’t deliver energy efficiency without incentives or … [Read more...]