viEUws video: Brussels Briefing on Energy for February 2016

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In this latest Brussels Briefing on Energy, journalist Hughes Belin introduces the European Commission’s “winter package” on energy security. This is the first real test of the European Energy Union.

He describes two sensitive legislative proposals to give the Commission more scrutiny powers over intergovernmental agreements on energy and to improve gas security of supply through more reverse flows, a regional approach and a new solidarity principle prioritising vulnerable customers across national borders. All commercial contracts relevant to security of supply will have to be notified to the Commission in future.

In addition, a new LNG strategy sets out where the Commission would like to see new LNG-related infrastructure and a new heating and cooling strategy proposes to boost energy efficiency and renewables in the sector (still three-quarters dependent on fossil fuels).

Finally, the Commission now says it will publish its Nuclear Illustrative Programme or PINC, which sets out Europe’s investment landscape for nuclear power, by the end of February. Energy Post published an exclusive preview of this draft doccument here.

This briefing was first published on and is reposted here with permission.

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