viEUws VIDEO: Top 5 environment priorities for Dutch EU presidency

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Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the Top 5 Environment priorities for the Dutch EU Presidency:

1. COP21 follow-up: The “Energy Union, climate and transport” is one of the Dutch presidency’s five strategic priorities overall.

2. Circular economy: The Netherlands hopes to agree conclusions with other Member States on a non-legislative action plan to make more efficient use of resources and to kick off debate on new legal definitions and targets for recycling.

3. NEC directive: MEPs and member states will start negotiations to agree national air pollution targets for 2030.

4. Car emissions tests & Volkswagen Scandal: The European Parliament is due to approve or reject new car emission tests at its next plenary.

5. Better regulation: The Netherlands may raise hackles among environmentalists with its “Make it Work” initiative to cut red tape in environmental law.

This briefing was first published on and is reposted here with permission.

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