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The Polish Electricity Association is an association of the electrical power sector, whose activities focus on issues related to the functioning of the industry in a modern market economy. We engage in actions and projects thanks to which the Polish electrical power industry can better meet the challenges related to European integration, ensuring power supply safety, competitive market, environmental protection and development of state-of-the-art technologies.

We actively support the development of Polish electrical power industry, by conducting opinion-forming activities aimed at the improvement of power industry operations and shaping of a rational, industry-friendly regulatory environment, both in Poland and in the European Union. We are a member of the Union of the Electricity Industry – EURELECTRIC, which is the biggest association of the electrical power industry in Europe. In Poland we constitute an important discussion forum on electrical power sector issues and we cooperate with the public administration through consulting legal acts and initiatives concerning industry operations.

The supporting members of the Polish Electricity Association include the largest Polish power companies, as well as leading organisations operating in the industry. Experience and engagement of our members helped us achieve the position of a reliable, proven partner among the organisations representing the electrical power industry in Poland.

Experts of our Association work in three permanent Study Committees (“Generation”, “Networks”, “Market”) and in task groups appointed by the Association authorities when the need arises. Representatives of the Association also participate in EURELECTRIC working group activities in Brussels negotiating positions and cooperating with international partners in actions related to the European electrical power sector.

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