Dimitri Pescia, Agora Energiewende: “No more baseload in 2030, no case for new nuclear in Europe”

There will be no more baseload power in Germany in 2030 and possibly not anywhere in Europe. There is no business case for new nuclear power in Europe. Renewables, not thermal power, should get capacity payments - and be responsible for balancing. These are some of the explosive messages from a new report from the influential German think tank Agora Energiewende, which represents government, industry and NGO's. In an exclusive interview with … [Read more...]

Je Suis Charlie


We also are Charlie at Energy Post, because we are an independent online newspaper made by journalists with the help of guest writers, like any other newspaper. The brutal assault on Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists and writers during their editorial meeting in Paris, France, on 7 January is shocking because it introduces incertitude at the very heart of our daily existence. It’s a bit like from one second to another having to doubt whether the light … [Read more...]

The Five Energy Labours of Juncker


The new team heading the European Commission in Brussels is lucky. Its predecessors closed two sensitive deals before the reshuffle: a European energy and climate strategy for 2030 and a gas winter package between Ukraine and Russia. On top of that, outgoing Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger finished off a thick report on the way forward for a European energy market. The new Commission will follow up on these three dossiers, plus two more … [Read more...]

“Everything depends on how much more Europeans are ready to pay for alternative sources of gas”


When he passed through Brussels recently, Russian researcher Andrei Belyi gave Energy Post his analysis of the crisis between Moscow and Brussels. For him, it’s a lose-lose situation, because he doubts the European sanctions will make Russia change tack on Ukraine, even if they are costing Moscow influence at international level, especially in negotiations with China. At the same time he questions whether European are prepared to pay for … [Read more...]

Samuele Furfari: “If Russia cuts the gas tap, it can forget its dream of selling gas to China one day”

Photo: Egmont Institute

The EU has made remarkable progress in improving its security of supply over the last decade and should not worry that Russia will cut off its gas supplies, says Professor Samuele Furfari in an interview with Energy Post Brussels Correspondent Hughes Belin. A long-time senior advisor at the European Commission, Professor Furfari, author of a brandnew provocative book in French - "Vive les énergies fossiles!" - says the world has entered a new … [Read more...]

Interview Dominique Ristori, EU Commission: “EU’s governance on renewables won’t be punitive”

European Commission Joint Research Centre, photos of people

The new Director General for energy at the European Commission, Dominique Ristori, faces the difficult task of “selling” EU leaders his proposals on a climate and energy strategy for 2030. Initially foreseen at the European Council on 20 and 21 March, a decision has been postponed to October. In this interview with Energy Post Brussels correspondent Hughes Belin, Ristori outlines member states' first reactions to the Commission's 2030 proposals, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Brussels Briefing on Energy – All you need to know for the month of February 2014


Hughes Belin, leading journalist at viEUws.eu, provides an overview of the European Union’s most pressing energy issues: - The 2030 Climate & Energy Framework (emission reduction and renewables target) - Postponed measures on energy efficiency - Coming up: the European Council will discuss the Commission’s proposals on the 2030 Climate & Energy Framework on March 20 and 21 - Outcome of the reports on the drivers of energy costs and … [Read more...]