Electric car revolution may drive oil ‘investor death spiral’ 

(photo ajmexico)

Advanced batteries could “tip the oil market from growth to contraction earlier than anticipated,” concludes credit rating agency Fitch in a new study. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has already told investors to expect the ‘big crash’ in oil by 2028 — and as early as 2023. Joseph Romm  Joseph Romm, founding editor of the influential weblog Climate Progress, warns of the “investor death spiral” that may await the oil industry. Article … [Read more...]

Global coal boom? It ends as China and world wake up to reality of carbon pollution

"End coal" action in South Africa in 2013 (photo Greenpeace SA)

The idea that the world is experiencing a coal renaissance, as is sometimes assumed or proclaimed by observers, is mistaken, writes Joseph Romm, editor of the weblog Climate Progress. According to Romm, the coal boom of the first decade of the 21st Century has stalled. And there is every reason to expect that it is over for good. … [Read more...]