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Energy Post reaches a large number of otherwise difficult-to-target individuals operating in the energy sector. Currently, over 17,000 different users visit the site on a monthly basis; the vast majority of which are based in Europe. Due to the reliable analysis our writers provide, the audience is made up of those who think at a strategic level – for example in Brussels and at top management levels within energy companies, academic and government institutions, regulators, consultants and specialist suppliers.

Energy Post Productions

Energy Post has a commercial sister company which takes care of special projects and productions such as specialist publishing, events and marketing solutions. As an example, please visit to see how we are working with the World Energy Council. We also produced a highly successful event with Shell which took place in Brussels in May, 2014


To request our current media pack, please fill in the form below, or contact Matthew James, Commercial Director, for more information: tel: +31 (0)621 437 435


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Case Study 1: World Energy Focus magazine


The World Energy Council wanted to develop its monthly network newsletter in order to improve sharing of ideas amongst the existing network and to create more awareness of its intiatives in the outside world. World Energy Focus was launched in July 2014 and is free to all.

It is circulated to well over 3500 companies and individuals in almost 100 countries around the world and is itself a great advertising medium for companies with truly global reach. For more information, please get in touch.

Images: website screenshot, annual and latest issue cover

Case Study 2: Shell Innovations Conference


Energy Post developed the programme alongside our sponsor Shell and attracted an audience of over 200 to address the challenge of innovation to the energy sector (Perhaps you/Sonja could improve/expand/check this text)

Images: from event

Media Pack

We have produced a media pack which includes rates, readership profile, technical specifications and deadlines. For a copy click here.

Thank you for your interest in Energy Post’s commercial opportunities.

Matthew James
Commercial Director
+31 (0)621 437 435