Who is afraid of Nord Stream 2?

The operation of the Nord Stream Pipeline system is remotely monitored and controlled from the Control Centre in the Nord Stream headquarters in Zug, Switzerland (photo Nord Stream)

Nord Stream 2, the new gas pipeline that Gazprom is planning to build from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany, has been criticised for reducing Europe’s diversification of energy sources and energy security. But according to Energy Post’s editor in chief Karel Beckman, the EU should welcome the pipeline, despite deteriorating relations with Russia. According to Beckman, Nord Stream 2 has a sound economic rationale behind it and the EU’s … [Read more...]

Visions clash at World Energy Congress in Istanbul

World Energy Congress in Istanbul 9-13 October 2016 (photo World Energy Congress)

The World Energy Council gave out a clear message at the World Energy Congress that took place this week in Istanbul: the world needs to move away from fossil fuels much faster than it is doing today. That contrasted sharply with the message given out by most of the high-level speakers from government and business at the Congress, who stressed that the world needs more oil and gas. Mohammad Barkindo, the new Secretary General of oil cartel OPEC … [Read more...]

Interview Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO EDF: “Our future lies in combination nuclear and renewables”

39-41-Jean-Bernard Lévy CEO EDF-slider

EDF, one of the largest electricity producers in the world, has embarked on a “2030” strategy focused on renewable energy and customer solutions in addition to its large nuclear business. According to CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy, "EDF’s future lies in a generation mix that combines nuclear and renewable energies.” Lévy says EDF will tackle the problems with its EPR nuclear reactor design by introducing a "New Model"  EPR that will be cheaper. He also … [Read more...]

Interview IEA Chief Fatih Birol: “We are once again increasing our expectations for renewables”

Fatih Birol (photo Wind Europe)

In its upcoming World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is “once again happily increasing our growth projections of renewable energy”, says Executive Director Fatih Birol in an interview. But a world without fossil fuels is not yet in sight. “There are fossil fuels and fossil fuels. Coal and oil should be discouraged. Natural gas will continue to play an important role in even our most stringent scenarios.” This interview was … [Read more...]

Interview Francesco Starace, CEO Enel: “We have stopped investing in projects that take more than 2 or 3 years”

Francesco Starace, CEO Enel

“Our aim is to grow the use of electricity as energy vector”. This is how Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, one of the world’s largest utilities and perhaps the biggest producer of renewable energy in the world, describes the strategic goal of his company. According to Starace, the utility of the future owns and manages a digitised grid that connects up decentralised green energy sources and is at the centre of a whole new system of energy products … [Read more...]

Interview Sir John Scarlett, advisor Statoil, ex-head MI6: “The role of old-fashioned geopolitics will become less important in energy”

Sir John Scarlett (photo Chatham House)

Thanks to new energy policies, technologies and market trends the potential to use energy for political purposes has decreased in recent years, says Sir John Scarlett, former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 and now Chairman of the Strategy Advisory Council at Statoil, in an interview with Energy Post. At the same time he notes that instability in North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe has grown and energy security should … [Read more...]

Christoph Frei, World Energy Council: “Grand transition” requires new vision of energy security

Christoph Frei, Secretary General World Energy Council

The energy sector is going through a “grand transition” that will radically change the way energy security should be approached, says Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, on the eve of the ONS Summit, a high-level meeting on energy security in Stavanger‎ on August 28-29, hosted by the Munich Security Conference and the ONS Foundation‎. In particular, the role of gas in the European energy system will change, says Frei. … [Read more...]