Carbon Tracker: no growth for oil and coal from 2020, gas can flip-flop

carbon bubble protest (photo Susan Melkisethlan)

Falling costs of electric vehicle and solar technology could halt growth in global demand for oil and coal from 2020, finds a new report co-authored by the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and the Carbon Tracker Initiative launched on Thursday. The future of natural gas is highly uncertain in this new scenario analysis. … [Read more...]

Theft of refined oil products threatens global stability

refined oil taken to the market in Nigeria (photo Stakeholder democracy)

The theft of refined oil products, such as petrol and diesel, poses significant threats to the global economy and to the stability of states and regions in which it is prevalent, according to a first-ever in-depth study of global downstream oil theft, conducted by Ian M. Ralby for the Atlantic Council. The report shows that refined oil theft is becoming ever more sophisticated and increasingly involves those who are supposed to guard against it. … [Read more...]

The geopolitics of energy: renewables are not in the race yet

Fatih Birol at Atlantic Council forum Abu Dhabi

At the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi on 12-13 January, oil executives, Middle Eastern energy ministers and experts in the geopolitics of energy came together to discuss the geopolitical implications of “the energy transformation”. Yet no one presented a vision of what a new global order, based on renewable energy, would look like, writes Karel Beckman, Energy Post’s editor-in-chief. The oil players all embrace renewable … [Read more...]

Energy Quiz 2016


Welcome to the Energy Post Quiz 2016 with prizes worth nearly €10,000. Test your knowledge and get the chance to win one of 10 free subscriptions to our new premium service: Energy Post Weekly (EPW). As if honour were not enough, by taking part in our quiz, you don't just get the chance to demonstrate your encyclopaedic knowledge but you can also win yourself a free subscription to EPW worth almost a thousand euros. EPW is our new premium … [Read more...]

Dutch government: only EVs and hydrogen cars from 2035, phase-out natural gas

Tesla assembly factory in Tilburg the Netherlands

The Dutch government has presented a long-term energy plan that stipulates that no new cars with combustion engines may be sold from 2035 on. In addition, in the Netherlands – for over 50 years the largest natural gas producer in the EU – all houses will be disconnected from the gas grid by 2050. The plan has broad parliamentary support – in fact, many political parties believe it does not go far enough. … [Read more...]

DNV GL on risks of renewables: “We need new tests and standards to prevent major failures”

The largest man-made system on earth (photo DNV GL)

The transition to renewable energy is accompanied by the widespread use of power electronics, such as inverters, which require a whole new way of testing smart equipment, says Theo Bosma, Program Director Power Systems & Electrification at DNV GL, one of the largest technical consultancies in the world. According to Bosma, the new power electronics are not adequately tested at the moment. “New technologies such as solar, wind, batteries and … [Read more...]