Demand response can drastically lower energy bills – if suppliers don’t get “compensated”

photo Tom Taker

New research commissioned by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) finds that demand flexibility can save many billions of euros in electricity costs. As the European Commission is pondering the design of a new and interconnected energy market for Europe, it needs to make sure these benefits are realised, writes Phil Baker, Senior Advisor at RAP. Brussels should resist calls to “compensate” energy suppliers for perceived losses as a result of … [Read more...]

If Europe wants integrated markets, it should take the leap to regional grids

photo Farley Santos

Europe is progressing towards an integrated, interconnected pan-European electricity market. However, writes Philip Baker of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), the governance and regulatory arrangements that the EU has established to support this process are inadequate to the task. They are more focused on preserving the sovereignty of national TSO and regulators than addressing the wider interests of the market. According to Baker, the EU … [Read more...]

Brussels, don’t leave customer participation in the electricity market to the incumbents!

photo: World of Lard

Consumer participation in the electricity market is essential to make the energy transition possible. However, writes Philip Baker of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), a think-tank specializing in regulatory and market policy, incumbent suppliers cannot be relied upon to make this happen.  Therefore, the European Commission needs to ensure that new players can enter the market. … [Read more...]