viEUws video: Brussels Briefing on Energy for February 2016

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Energy, journalist Hughes Belin introduces the European Commission's "winter package" on energy security. This is the first real test of the European Energy Union. He describes two sensitive legislative proposals to give the Commission more scrutiny powers over intergovernmental agreements on energy and to improve gas security of supply through more reverse flows, a regional approach and a new solidarity … [Read more...]

Biofuels are back on the EU agenda

Rapeseed (Credit: Phil and Pam Gradwell, via Flickr)

Biofuels are returning to the political agenda in Europe as EU policymakers start to shape a strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport after 2020. Biofuels producers continue to argue that they are an essential part of the solution, even as the low oil price puts an end to several cutting-edge projects, the European Commission prepares to publish a new report about indirect land-use change (ILUC) and some stakeholders urge a … [Read more...]

EU insists energy security is about more than gas

Credit: European Union, 2016

“When it comes to energy security in the long term, there is no better antidote than focusing on sustainable energy,” said EU Climate and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete at the launch of a new EU energy security master plan in Brussels on 16 February. The Commission defended its proposals – which focus on safeguarding gas supplies – as an aid to moving Europe along to a low-carbon economy as well as preparing it for possible supply … [Read more...]

EU takes on gas in first battle for European Energy Union

Berlaymont, European Commission (credit: Eoghan OLionnain via Flickr)

The European Commission is heading for a full-on confrontation with Member States with a new set of proposals on gas security of supply:  a fresh attempt by Brussels to impose a truly European policy. According to leaked drafts obtained by Energy Post, the Commission will demand more oversight on gas deals with foreign countries and suppliers, and look to replace national gas policies with regional ones. There will also be a first-ever LNG and … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Top 5 EU energy priorities for next 6 months

In this special briefing, energy journalist Hughes Belin picks out the top 5 energy issues that will be discussed by the European institutions in the next six months, under the Dutch EU Presidency. 1. Gas supply: In February, the Commission is due to launch a review of the regulation on security of gas supply and of its sister regulation on security of electricity supply. The Commission will also review the EU’s information exchange mechanism … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Top 5 environment priorities for Dutch EU presidency

Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the Top 5 Environment priorities for the Dutch EU Presidency: 1. COP21 follow-up: The “Energy Union, climate and transport” is one of the Dutch presidency’s five strategic priorities overall. 2. Circular economy: The Netherlands hopes to agree conclusions with other Member States on a non-legislative action plan to make more efficient use of resources and to kick off debate on new legal definitions … [Read more...]

EU’s first State of the Energy Union report: how it will deliver on climate and energy goals for 2030

Berlymont, European Commission (Credit: Eoghan OLionnain, via Flickr)

The EU’s first-ever “State of the Energy Union” report is determinedly optimistic on progress, but offers little new information and appears to take just a small step towards resolving the biggest challenge of all: uniting national interests around EU priorities. Published by the European Commission on 18 November, the report is accompanied by a whole suite of studies in areas from energy security to climate action. The package sets out … [Read more...]