DNV GL on risks of renewables: “We need new tests and standards to prevent major failures”

The largest man-made system on earth (photo DNV GL)

The transition to renewable energy is accompanied by the widespread use of power electronics, such as inverters, which require a whole new way of testing smart equipment, says Theo Bosma, Program Director Power Systems & Electrification at DNV GL, one of the largest technical consultancies in the world. According to Bosma, the new power electronics are not adequately tested at the moment. “New technologies such as solar, wind, batteries and … [Read more...]

Why sharing solar is the next big thing in energy

Brooklyn microgrid with person-slider

The disruption and the opportunities being offered by solar PV and battery storage are likely to be accelerated massively by the introduction of new software such as the “blockchain” system that has already taken root in financial systems, writes Giles Parkinson of the leading Australian energy website Reneweconomy. Courtesy: … [Read more...]

Can the smart grid survive a cyberattack?

(photo: Green Mamba)

Technological advances in grid operation have made the power grid increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, writes Michael McElfresh, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University.  The growth of the smart grid has created many more access points for penetrating grid computer systems – the “internet of things” will only make this worse. … [Read more...]

Dimitri Pescia, Agora Energiewende: “No more baseload in 2030, no case for new nuclear in Europe”

There will be no more baseload power in Germany in 2030 and possibly not anywhere in Europe. There is no business case for new nuclear power in Europe. Renewables, not thermal power, should get capacity payments - and be responsible for balancing. These are some of the explosive messages from a new report from the influential German think tank Agora Energiewende, which represents government, industry and NGO's. In an exclusive interview with … [Read more...]

viEUws VIDEO: Brussels Briefing on Energy – All you need to know for June 2015


In this Brussels Briefing on Energy for, journalist Hughes Belin provides an overview of the latest EU energy policy developments, including the latest progress report from the Commission on renewable energy in EUrope and news on European energy security strategy. … [Read more...]

Interview André Merlin: “Europe needs regional System Operators like in the US”

Power transmission lines (credit: Oran Viriyincy, via Flickr, creative commons license)

Developing electricity interconnectors should be a shared competence of the EU and individual Member States, with costs shared out at least across regions, says André Merlin, President of Medgrid, a consortium looking to facilitate the exchange of electricity across the Mediterranean, in an interview with Energy Post. Merlin, former Chairman of both RTE, the French transmission system operator (TSO) and ERDF, the main French distribution system … [Read more...]

The vulnerability of our electric utility system to cyber attacks

13th annual Cyber Defense Exercise (photo: West Point Academy)

As our electric utility system is moving from dumb and centralized to smart and decentralized, it is becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Are utility executives paying sufficient attention to these serious new risks? Energy expert Allan Hoffman, a former senior official at the U.S. Department of Energy, says the SONY hacking case should serve as a wake-up call to the energy industry. … [Read more...]