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Can UK power market reform replace the capacity market?

National Grid helicopter inspecting power lines

The UK has just completed another auction for a large amount of backup power capacity. The country’s capacity market scheme will cost ratepayers many billions of pounds. Independent consultant Gerard Wynn wonders if they are really necessary. … [Read more...]

A rush to subsidies as power plants in Europe face existential threat

Abengoa solar power plant in Spain (photo Wim Hertog)

So-called capacity markets are driving what appears to be a major new trend in energy policy across Europe: more public subsidies for electric utilities, writes independent consultant Gerard Wynn. In a new report for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), Wynn takes a critical look at capacity payments in Spain, which cost taxpayers €1 billion annually. Meanwhile, the UK just forked out £1.2 billion in a capacity … [Read more...]

Lumenaza creates regional electricity markets: “We want to connect up all 1.4 million solar PV producers in Germany with consumers locally”

Christian Chudoba

A new software platform in Germany lets utilities buy and sell “regional electricity” by connecting up small producers with consumers. Start-up Lumenaza, founded three years ago, meets a growing demand for transparency, explains CEO and founder Christian Chudoba in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. Unlike a typical virtual power plant, Lumenaza targets tiny producers such as owners of rooftop solar. Its goal is to connect up all of … [Read more...]

We can’t simply bet on renewable energy to stop global warming

photo Takver

Simply switching to renewables alone will not solve the climate change problem, writes Steffen Böhm, Professor in Organisation and Sustainability at the University of Exeter. We need to start removing carbon from the atmosphere. And we need to tackle the demand side. We cannot simply assume that relentless economic growth is compatible with a green future. Courtesy of The Conversation. … [Read more...]

The five S’s that will define the new energy order

Smart cities-slider

Digitalisation has already had a huge impact on the energy sector, yet we are only at the start of a revolution that will rip apart any business that is too slow to embrace it, writes Gerard Reid, founding partner of Alexa Capital, financial analyst and co-founder of the Energy and Carbon blog. According to Reid it is the combination of five S’s – software, semiconductors, sensors, solar and storage – that will define the new energy order. And it … [Read more...]

Understanding the UK’s capacity market

EDF's Sizewell B nuclear power station in the UK (photo John Fielding 2014)

According to a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) the UK’s government capacity market is not working. With a consultation from the UK Department of Energy and Climage Change (DECC) just finished, Byron Orme, research fellow in energy, transport and climate policy at IPRR explains what the capacity market was supposed to achieve, where it has gone wrong and how it could be fixed. Courtesy of Carbon Brief. … [Read more...]

Brussels, don’t leave customer participation in the electricity market to the incumbents!

photo: World of Lard

Consumer participation in the electricity market is essential to make the energy transition possible. However, writes Philip Baker of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), a think-tank specializing in regulatory and market policy, incumbent suppliers cannot be relied upon to make this happen.  Therefore, the European Commission needs to ensure that new players can enter the market. … [Read more...]