Netherlands sees higher solar capacity, but not lower prices

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In the Netherlands 525 MW of solar power capacity was installed in 2016, bringing total solar capacity to 2 GW, which supplied 1.5% of Dutch electricity generation, according to the National Solar Trend Report 2017 (available here in Dutch), a collaboration of many private and public players in the Dutch solar sector. … [Read more...]

China’s renewable energy revolution continues on its long march


In one year China added almost as much generation from renewable power as Germany’s total renewable energy generation, according to the end of January statistics for 2016 by the National Energy Administration of China and the China Electricity Council. Yet the country’s electricity supply still relies strongly on coal, notes Simon Göß of Berlin-based consultancy Energy Brainpool. … [Read more...]

Dutch government: only EVs and hydrogen cars from 2035, phase-out natural gas

Tesla assembly factory in Tilburg the Netherlands

The Dutch government has presented a long-term energy plan that stipulates that no new cars with combustion engines may be sold from 2035 on. In addition, in the Netherlands – for over 50 years the largest natural gas producer in the EU – all houses will be disconnected from the gas grid by 2050. The plan has broad parliamentary support – in fact, many political parties believe it does not go far enough. … [Read more...]

IEA in the Age of Trump: policies will determine where we go from here

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol

The most important message from the 2016 edition of the annual World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) flagship publication released today, is that “policies will determine where we go from here”. “Paris” has given the international energy sector “a new sense of direction”, notes the IEA. But much stronger policies are needed to keep global warming limited to 2 degrees Celsius, it adds. Its message takes on extra importance … [Read more...]

Russia keeps expanding oil production despite low oil prices

Rosneft petrol station (photo Rosneft)

Russian federal revenue from oil and natural gas production has declined significantly in response to low oil prices, reports the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). However, whereas western oil companies have slashed their spending, Russian oil and natural gas companies’ capital investment programs have been less affected, if at all. As a result, Russian oil production has hit a post-Soviet record high. Article courtesy of US EIA. … [Read more...]

Electric car revolution may drive oil ‘investor death spiral’ 

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Advanced batteries could “tip the oil market from growth to contraction earlier than anticipated,” concludes credit rating agency Fitch in a new study. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has already told investors to expect the ‘big crash’ in oil by 2028 — and as early as 2023. Joseph Romm  Joseph Romm, founding editor of the influential weblog Climate Progress, warns of the “investor death spiral” that may await the oil industry. Article … [Read more...]

The “new realities for energy”: peak demand, stranded assets

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"The world is undergoing a Grand Transition driven by a combination of factors including the fast-paced development of new technologies, an unstoppable digital revolution, global environmental challenges and changing growth and demographic patterns", according to a statement from the World Energy Council, a UN-accredited global energy network with over 3,000 member organisations in over 90 countries. According to the World Energy Council, the … [Read more...]